Why do I need to monitor the integrity of files?

Hacking the site leads to many unpleasant consequences – improper links and replacement of referral codes, distribution of spam or harmful software from your server. All these leads to penalties in search engine rankings. Also, your server can be black-listed. Our service allows you to detect the intrusion as soon as possible, and prevent the unpleasant consequences.

Can I monitor files of all my domains on the server?

Yes, you can monitor any files on your server within the limit on the number of files for your tariff plan. We recommend you to use Linux symlinks or Additional folders in Settings section of your web domain. But please note, that open_basedir restriction of your PHP settings could make it impossible.

How do you determine the integrity of a file?

There are 2 options which you can choose from – by timestamp and by md5 hash. The second method is much more reliable, because the timestamp can be forged by an intruder, however, it requires more time to capture your server’s data.

Files of which extensions are monitored?

We monitor the integrity of the WEB significant files, which include: ashx, asp, aspx, axd, c, cgi, class, css, erb, htaccess, htm, html, inc, ini, java, js, json, jsp, jspx, khtml, less, o, php, php3, php4, php5, php7, phtm, phtml, pl, py, rb, rhtml, sass, scss, sh, sql, templ, tpl, vbs, xhtml, yaml, yml. On your website's Settings page you can add more extensions or delete some of them.

How do limits of files and domains work ?

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