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Why should you watch the files integrity?

Changed files are the symptoms of a compromised site!

This is the most obvious symptom of a hacked site or a server. Using the server monitoring tool iFube, you will know about the intrusion immediately, and will prevent the harmful consequences to your sites. Which consequences?

But you can know about your server hacking straight away!

Cloud service of site monitoring iFube allows you to watch the integrity of not only the website-related files, but also system files: configuration, binaries and so on. Other important security parameters are watched as well – system load, SSH users, availability of URLs.

Our capabilities

Integrity monitoring

Registers the change of file access time, or its MD5 hash (user’s choice)

A monitoring of all the server’s sites is possible within the same tariff plan. Using the Linux symlinks, you can include any files into the watch list. There are flexible options to configure ignore-lists of folders and files. You'll recieve alerts at the creation of files/folders, changes in the files or deletion of files/folders.

System monitoring

We track the output of commands uptime and vmstat

This gives you the information of system load for the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes, memory usage, working of disk subsystem and CPU load. Alerts are generated when the system load level is higher than the user-configured value. All data are accessible in the graphic format.

Watching the SSH sessions is also a part of system monitoring. You receive alerts when a SSH session is open, and you have an option to set up the ignore-lists for IP addresses or their ranges.

Uptime monitoring

Determines the availability of specified URL and existence, or absence of key words.

Alerts are generated when URL is not available, or if it contains the forbidden text, or if mandatory text is missing on the specified address. There is a graphic of access time for URL.

Alert notifications


Receive notifications about the events on e-mail


Configure the receiving of important alerts via SMS.


Add RSS-feed into your news aggregator.


Configure the interface between your software and iFube

Mobile access

You can access the graphics showing the current state of your site or server from a mobile device without an authorisation. The graphics’ URLs include a unique token to prevent an unauthorised access. You cannot make any changes in your account configuration from these mobile addresses.

Safety of Your Web-Business