Why should you watch the files integrity?

Changed files could be the symptoms of a hacked site!

This is the most obvious symptom of a hacked site or a server. With iFube integrity monitoring service, you will know about the intrusion as soon as possible, and will prevent the harmful consequences to your sites.

Appearance of pirated links to the low-quality off-topic pages;
Stealing all or part of your traffic;
Replacement of referral links;
Spamming from your server;
Distribution of viruses or illegal content from your server;
Stealing personal data of your clients, sending them spam and fraudulent messages;

Some of the listed actions inevitably lead to a problems with the hosing provider, penalties in the search engines ranking, getting domain into the spam-lists.

Our capabilities

Integrity monitoring

Registers the change of file access time, or it's MD5 hash (user’s choice)

A monitoring of all the server’s sites is possible within the same tariff plan. Using the Linux symlinks, you can include any files into the watch list. There are flexible options to configure ignore-lists of folders and files. You'll recieve alerts at the creation of files/folders, changes in the files or deletion of files/folders.

System monitoring

We track the output of various system commands.

This gives you the information of system load for the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes, memory and disk usage, working of disk subsystem and CPU load. Alerts are generated when the system load level is higher than the user-configured value and when disk space in too low. All data are accessible in the graphic format.

Watching the SSH sessions is also a part of system monitoring. You receive alerts when a SSH session is open.